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About Us

Design & Price

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture a safe, quality, durable and ecological product by using recyclable materials and energy-efficient equipment. Respect the norms and standards established in the field of swimming pools. Allow consumers greater flexibility to their landscaping backyard. Offer an alternative when it comes to above ground pools. Share our knowledge, new trends and technological advances in the market in order to simplify the purchase of a swimming pool.

Our Story

Opure’s story begins with the family project to install an in-ground pool. The rocky ground, the unevenness of the terrain and the difficult access caused problems. The work was going to be not only complex to execute but also very expensive. Expert advice confirmed everything, another solution had to be found. From there came the idea of ​​a self-supporting swimming pool. After much research and phone calls, the sad reality was that no company manufactured this concept. It was up to us to develop our prototype in order to provide a solution for this type of market. In November 2017, the first sketches of our matrix began and this is how the family business was born. Today, Opure designs, manufactures and assembles their pools in Laurier-Station along Highway 20. Expansion projects have been put in place to meet demand. Come and see us, the team will be happy to answer your questions.


The quality of a swimming pool comes from the choice of materials, their quantities as well as the procedure used during manufacture. harsh winter weather, amount of snowfall, temperature variations, soil quality, sun exposure and chemical use are all factors that affect the appearance and life of the product . This is why Opure uses a higher quality gelcoat in order to achieve greater stability. Problems related to osmosis and micro bubbles are treated by applying a vinylester based barrier coat layer. The rigidity of the shell comes from several thicknesses combined with different fiberglass fabrics in addition to having a core that allows the self-supporting concept. A two-component protective paint is applied to the fiberglass. Each pool is carefully inspected before leaving the factory to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.