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Let’s Answer
Some Questions

Quote & Price

Can I view your product in Person?

Yes! You can come visit us at our sales centre located at 128 Rue Olivier, Laurier-Station, QC G0S 1N0.

Where do you ship and what does it cost?

We currently ship across canada (excluding the territories). Please speak with your sales representative for shipping prices.

Do you need a pool permit?

The best way to know if you need one is to talk to your local government. Most of the time your local municipality is the one who needs to assign applicable permits.

Can I get Financing?

Yes! We are currently working on providing financing options & solutions, please check back soon for more information.

How long will it take to get my pool?

Building a pool take us between 8-12 days. Depending where you are located we are confident that you can get your product within 30 days of ordering it.

How much does a pool cost?

Our prices vary, depending on the model and options chosen. See the Our Pools page for design options and prices.

Do you have different sizes?

One size is available and we are convinced that it will be perfect for your backyard.

Can you customize the pool to my needs?

We certainly can. Please speak with your sales representative regarding any special requests.

Who installs my pool and how much is it?

If you are putting your Opure pool above ground, you might need an electrician and plumber to connect your pump and heater (if gas heated).
Ask us about our preferred partner in your area!

What are the specs of the pool?

Opure pools measurements are 11’3″ wide 18′ long by 4’8″ high.

Can I get the pools in different colours?

The exterior of an Opure pool can be customized to your own color choice. The interior is currently only available in white.

Can you make it into a swim Spa?

Compared to a lot of other types of pools, Opure pools can be customized. Adding the swim spa jets at purchase (or after) is always an option.

Can you put the pools inground?

Of course! Inground, semi-inground or above ground, our Opure pools offer you a range of possibilities.

Can we have the pool run all year round?

We have all the equipment for you to run your pool all year long. Ask your sales representative for more information.

Do you have Salt water pools?

Yes! Ask your sales representative for more info!

What are the maintenance requirements?

Opure pools are incredibly easy to maintain. Your sales representative will give you the applicable instructions (depending on if you have ordered a salt water pool or not) to keep your pool pristine.