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The Process

Quote & Price


  1. Consult

    Get in contact with one of our professionals to discuss the best solution for your backyard. You can reach out to us online, by phone or face to face at our sales center in Laurier Station, QC, only 25 minutes from Quebec city.

  2. Quote

    Our quoting system will allow you to understand and get a precise idea of how much you will be investing in your pool. Available online, face to face and by phone.

  3. Invoice & Agreement

    Once you have selected the pool of your dreams, an invoice will be sent and a deposit will be made to guarantee you a spot in our manufacturing process.

  4. Manufacturing

    We will keep you updated on where we are in the process of building your pool. Our updated system will provide you with the latest via email.


  1. Permits

    Depending on the municipality bylaws, you might need to get a pool permit. Please refer to your local government for more information.

  2. Site Preparation

    Many factors could affect your site preparation. If your pool stays above ground, the site preparation should be little to none. Contact your local expert for more information.

  3. Delivery & Shipping

    We have different options for delivery & shipping. Depending on where in Canada you are located and where your pool will be installed on your property, we work with local experts to ensure your pool is shipped and delivered at the correct location in your yard.